1. The Club’s Annual General Meeting will be held in the month of January. At least two weeks notice of the AGM will be given.

  2. New members shall give their name, address and contact details to the membership secretary. Members shall notify the membership secretary of any changes.

  3. The monthly walks monies will be paid into the Club’s Boldon Community Centre Account. The weekend, holiday, social events, YHA weekends and raffle monies will be paid into the Club’s bank account.

  4. The club may charge an annual membership fee.

  5. The committee shall plan an annual programme of events.

  6. For each meet the Meet Secretary shall appoint leaders who will plan their walk.

  7. The departure time of the monthly walk bus will be shown on the walks programme. The return time of the monthly walks bus will be as follows:

From March to October, and in December, the return time will be at the discretion of the Meet Secretary.

During November, January and February it will be 5.00pm. 

  1. Members attending a meet must abide by the club rules and accept that the organisers will not be responsible for any loss, damage, action, claim or expense which may arise as a consequence of their participation. Members are responsible for themselves and participate in activities at their own risk. Members need to come adequately equipped and carry their own first aid equipment. Members under sixteen years old must be accompanied by a member over sixteen years old, who will be responsible for them.

  2. No member on a meet shall leave the group without the approval of the leader.

  3. The committee shall reserve the right to select the party for week long and weekend meets.

  4. Constructive criticism, conducted in a respectful manner, is welcome.

  5. The country code shall be followed by all members.

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